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Life Insurance

Why do you need life insurance?

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Life insurance is a part of life. It offer protection for your family and loved ones after you’re gone. But it is also a wise financial decision. Combined with investments and retirement and estate planning, life insurance is an essential component of a sound financial plan.

Knights of Columbus Life Insurance provides unsurpassed financial protection. Our portfolio of flexible, competitively price insurance solutions is tailored to meet your needs, both now, and in the future. And you’ll not only be purchasing outstanding protection, but helping to support the largest Catholic fraternal organization in the world.

Our life insurance products include:

  • Permanent Life Insurance– Knights of Columbus Insurance offers a variety of Permanent Life Insurance plans with different payment schedules that allow you to provide your family with the lifelong protection they deserve.
    • You determine the amount of coverage you need, the duration of your premium payment, and the payment frequency that best suits your budget.
    • Each Permanent Life Insurance plan has a guaranteed cash value that grows over time, providing a valuable source of funds for future needs.
    • Permanent Life Insurance offers the opportunity to earn dividends*
  • Term Life Insurance– If you have an additional financial obligation, such as a business loan, a new mortgage, or children in college, you should consider Term Life Insurance.  We offer several affordable and flexible Term Life plans that provide additional protection during these relatively short-term, yet life-altering events.
    • Term Life Insurance offers basic protection, provided the large amount of coverage needed at affordable rates
    • Initial premiums are generally lower than Permanent Life.
    • With Term Life Insurance, the policy is guaranteed convertible to a Permanent Life Insurance plan at any time prior to the contract date nearest the insured’s 65th birthday.
  • The Discoverer®- The Discoverer blends the benefits of Permanent and Term Life Insurance into one convenient plan.  It’s an ideal plan for singles, young couples, new parents, or those approaching retirement age.
    • Because The Discoverer premium can be customized, it easily fits into most family budgets
    • You can select the blend of Permanent and Term Life Insurance benefits that best fits your needs.
    • As premiums are paid, The Discoverer builds considerable case value.  For those who purchase at a young age, this cash buildup can be considerable.
    • The Discoverer also offers the opportunity to earn dividends.*
  • Second-To-Die– In most cases, an estate passes tax-free from husband to wife and vice-versa.  However, when the second person dies, estate taxes and settlement costs can wipe out what the two of you worked so hard to earn.  Second-to-Die policies can help protect real estate, property, family farms, or other hard-earned assets.
    • A single plan covers two people, usually husband and wife.
    • By insuring two persons instead of one, a Second-to-Die policy costs less than two individual policies.
    • It’s easier for a couple to obtain coverage if one of the two is in poor or failing health.

*Dividends are declared by the board of directors and are not guaranteed.