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Long Term Care

Are You Prepared To Assume The Risk?


Most financial advisors say that Americans are woefully unprepared to provide Long Term Care for either themselves or a loved one, even those with incomes of more than $100,000.  Most people wait 10 years long than they should to even begin planning for Long Term Care.
The ideal time to plan for long term care is when you are 50.  Yet most people wait until they are in their 60’s.  Procrastination is a big reason, while underestimating the cost and/or overestimating the sufficiency of assets are other reasons.

In aging, you change in some familiar ways — and some ways that might be completely unexpected. In your 60s and 70s, tasks and activities that you once performed routinely or with ease might become increasingly difficult. And, over time, you may need more and more assistance with such activities. You might also experience a sudden, acute need for such help after a debilitating illness — such as stroke.

The Knights of Columbus Long Term Care Insurance Plan can help you manage long term care with independence and dignity. It will help to close the gap left after the limits of other types of coverage like Medicaid and Medicare have been exhausted.

Expenses for long term care are substantial, and can seriously erode your estate, quickly undermining the most well-crafted asset protection plan. For those who wish to preserve their estates, reliance on government programs for long term care expenses is not an option.